Terms And Conditions

Your details have been submitted to Castrol

With this you agree that you have willingly provided your personal details to Castrol India Ltd (CIL).

  1. CIL can use these details to contact you on your contact number, email, given garage/home address and any other correspondence medium that has been submitted.
  2. Castrol reserves the right to share your information with CIL with any of its affiliates, group companies, employees, service providers or agents (“CIL Affiliates”) on a need to know basis and you hereby consent to the same.
  3. You are aware that the communication you would receive on one or more of the media could be promotional in nature.
  4. In case you do not wish to receive calls, emails or messages from CIL, or do not consent to CIL Affiliates using or retaining your information, please send an email to support@castrolconnekt.com.